The potential of youth

Why is Youth is so cherished by poets, revered by men and women alike and fantasized about?

Youth is a gift to us. It is to be nurtured because what you can do while you are young, you can probably never do again in life. By this, I mean that the zeal, energy, and vigor that youth brings to your life cannot be regained in another decade or even half. Youth deserves respect and care. I see way too many young men and women take their bodies and minds for granted while they are still in their 30s and 40s.

Youth, if cherished, rewards us with a sense of achievement and leaves us with wonderful memories to reflect on when older that often begin with “When I was young, I did this and that…” Following your dreams is so much easier when you are young. If Youth and Self-belief are working in unison, man can make his dreams come true.

Simon Sinek said in his popular Ted Talk, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”. In our profession, if each of us acts according to our belief systems with all the energy and vigor that Youth has in store for us, we can achieve success. We need to know and understand WHY we do WHAT we do. The HOW we do it is the easy part and can always be improved with time and technique. If the WHAT is not in sync with the WHY, it shows, and people always pick up on it.

Somehow it seems easier to remember the WHY when we are young. As the years creep up on us, we lose the clarity of this WHY and busy ourselves in the often complicated process of living each day. Bills come regularly, so do social commitments, dinners with friends and movie outings. Shopping and holidays become compulsive and pre-planned. If we have children, then a minimum of a decade is spent in organizing and reorganizing our lives according to their growth stages. During this time we begin to write our bucket list and mentally stop thinking of ourselves as young anymore.

So what defines youth? Age? Intuitively, we know that age does and doesn’t right? What I mean is that yes we feel older on our birthday each year, but it can be a welcome one if we are feeling better about ourselves. Youth takes us by surprise. Every stage in my life where I’ve felt that ‘this it is’, that I’ve achieved everything I wanted to and there is nothing new to explore, suddenly a new possibility will crop up from somewhere – a new exploration, a new venture or a new learning. I then feel a bit stupid, thinking why couldn’t I see this earlier, how was I so sure of myself, my life and where it is leading me? And simultaneously I feel excited, to experience and share this new chapter of my life. I recognize the power of youth in this.

Another aspect of a mind that stays young is the ability to let go and move on. Sometimes even to forget. If you want to live in the moment, there is only that much room available in the storehouse of that moment to keep memories, remember assumptions, make judgements and hold grudges. If too much space is taken up by these memories, assumptions, judgements and grudges, then there is very little left to be carefree and to just experience. The ability to simply drop everything, and travel half-way across the world as a solo-backpacker is something I admire. And yet, statistics show under 25s to be the largest age group that does this across the globe.

For me, nothing mirrors the potential of youth more than a teenager. Those amazing years when we are figuring ourselves out, wearing our heart on our sleeve and our ideas on our lips. When not much is censored, everything that can we can imagine is a real possibility and we are 24/7 excited about our life. Time elongates each moment, pleasure is felt deep inside of us and excitement makes our eyes bright and our smile wide. We may or may not be hungry to learn, but we are hungry to experience everything. Passions run high, the world has ideals and morality is still a debatable issue. Politics inspires us, leaders are real people with real stories and comedy is a constant companion of our daily life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was nothing we couldn’t do as we grow older?

If youth was everlasting, time was infinite and your capacity to love and experience was inexhaustible?

If these were the three universal wishes granted to every human being on the planet, what would they change about your life? How would it be different?



One thought on “The potential of youth

  1. Unfortunately we have to grow older to realise the vibrancy of youth! Some understanding and maturity comes only with age. I wish that understanding and maturity is available to us in our youth and that we have the wisdom to act accordingly. But it is never too late. We can all start NOW!


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