There is something so delightful about male idiocy

quote - susie - idiocy

While observing our flock of birds at our farm, I noticed something strange about our male turkey – he was trying hard to intimidate our caretaker’s wife by displaying his big plume of feathers, but when the caretaker approached, he would back off timidly. Hmm..strange. Why would he do that?

Then I got thinking about our caretaker himself, a jovial, talkative fellow who enjoys chatting and buttering us up with stories and compliments, while his wife works conscientiously all day.

Come to think of it, my husband cannot find his phone or keys or newspaper (all lying right there in front of him) and feels disowned should he find himself alone at home for a few hours. Should he be even slightly unwell, the drama that unfolds around his sickness is hilarious and exasperating to me at the same time.

While musing over these seemingly random thoughts, chuckling to myself, I came to a bizarre but important ‘conclusion’ – In years of evolutionary history, I proclaim a ‘fact’ that holds true across every species with no exceptions – all males are idiots at heart 🙂

From World Wars to dinosaurs, there are rampant examples of history repeating itself. The male species is working so hard towards self-annihilation that had it not been for strong females, life on Earth would be extinct long ago.

In nature, the male energy seems to be driven by aggression. Anger is a great tool used by them to demonstrate dominance. A show of aggression is a manifestation of that anger. Whether it is done jestfully (WWF fake fighting or sport fighting – like boxing or wrestling) or earnestly (a lion challenging another male to a duel to take charge of the pride or a king/country fighting wars over land), often the female is left to pick up the pieces and massage the male ego when the fight is over (should he survive it, that is).

He needs to look good. He needs to boast about his victories. He needs to drink to dull away the physical pain that makes him feel strong and is a welcome side-effect. He needs to mate. He needs to feel in control. He needs to believe that others depend on him.

Games are an essential feature of the male existence and they give his life raison-d ‘être. Think Robinhood and the apple-shooting game; hunting games; drinking games; chasing-a-ball-or-for-that-matter-chasing-anything games; coming-first-at-anything-games; video-games – the more rancous and roudy the game, the better! The female observing these games sighs, smiles indulgently and sometimes participates; the male enthusiasm to win is so organic and instinctive.

Power games are an offshoot of their essential childlike nature. Power is seen by them as a dependable tool and playing power games ensures that they remain childlike forever; as long as they are playing.

There is something so delightful about male idiocy that we females are drawn to it like a magnet. In the games they play, they may sometimes hurt us and are can often be callous and unkind in their decision making. And yet, we accept these fallouts and continue to love them, knowing fully that without them acting like they do, life would just not be fun!


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