Understanding Strength as More than what happens at the Gym

Understanding Strength as More than What Happens at the Gym.


I have been reading books after books on strength. My relationship with this word goes back to 2013, when I started my first strength training program.

As a woman and mother of two living in Mumbai where the fitness industry was still stuck on aerobics and branded fat-burning workouts for women, here we were; trying to establish our own space with our niche understanding of what it means to be fit.

We had been running our fitness centres for five years. In this time, I had been trained by a range of our trainers in every available methodology—boxing, kicking, bodyweight, circuits, suspension training and the likes of many others.

My personal progression took me from being a young mother of two toddlers to a young mother of two preschoolers. Through these years of resistance training, I was pushing myself hard to get back into my pre-pregnancy shape and weight. Driven by my fitness goals, I forgot how to listen to my body. I would train when tired, train when energetic, train when hungry, when sick or even when sleep deprived.

I thought I was doing the right thing. My mind knew better than my body. What could my body know anyway? It was out of shape, fat and flabby. My mind on the other hand was sharp, driven and had goals and plans.

While I was listened to my mind, my body was struggling. I developed acute rotator cuff pain on the right shoulder and was often so tight in my adductors and hamstring that it would take an entire training session spent stretching out tight knots to get me to relax. I often carried two children in my arms and that also took a toll on my posture. I developed a winged shoulder blade and was in constant pain.

That’s when strength training entered my life.

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