Just a girl

There are a zillion words written about being a woman. This is not an ode to womanhood. It is rather, a tribute to the fiery Yin that gives birth to it.

A girl is her father’s trophy, her mother’s mirror, her brother’s favorite toy and her pet’s pet.

A girl is Beauty on a catwalk, displaying her assets for all to see in full glory.

A girl’s mind is sharp, bright and rapid. She has a bank of intuition that she is born with. Her view of the world is led by her gut.

A girl understands touch. Good touch sparks love. Bad touch feels like she has let Mother Earth down by being anything but pure.

Girls trust easily. That’s why they need BFFs. To protect their gullible nature.

Girls forgive a little and forget easily. Even in their unforgiveness, they are full of grace.

Without girls, all the colours in the world will fade, as no one will appreciate their beauty.

Without girls, pain will seem natural as no one will experience pleasure.

Without girls, art will die. Imagine a world without love songs or poetry without a muse.

Why can’t I remain, always in my heart – just a girl?



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