A tribute to your first decade of life, my son

A Tribute to Your First Decade of Life, my Son.

You came from my body.

That makes you a natural extension of me. And yet, you are a new generation.

You carry a part of me in you forever. And you will pass on this part of me to your child one day.

When I see you today, I feel proud. This pride is instinctive. It comes from that part in me that belongs to my forefathers, that nods approvingly at the seeds of humanity being passed on like this.

I have imagined your future many times. I have visualised a handsome boy, a gentle lover, a nurturing father and in all these visions, I see my son, the child. I have seen your disappointments and your apparent failures. My heart has twisted on seeing your pain and every fibre of my being has passed on courage to you in those moments, yet to come.

Know this: you will make it. You will flower and give fruit to others. You will enrich lives with your gentle soul. Your sister will yearn to find a partner like you. Your wife will love you in good times and bad. Your children will bring you more joy than you brought us.


To read the full article, click on the link. Published on Elephant Journal. 




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