The Curious Case of Coco Kudva (aka CK)

coco.jpgEven Coco Kudva’s name or rather, its abbreviation CK is a curious one. It wasn’t meant to read as CK but as luck would have it, the fact that it does, comes as a surprise to all of us. Makes you curious to know why? Read on then.

Coco is the most curious donkey I know. For the rest of this article, I could call him a donkey, but I much prefer the sound of ass….try it….ass!

He is also the only ass I know, of the four-legged variety I mean. Coco lives on our farm with Carlos our horse and our other pet cows and dogs.

Coco’s age is not known to us. He seems to be a young adult, a teenage ass. Like a typical teenager, he is curious and unpredictable. He shines when attention is strictly directed at him, and any competition from Carlos is an unwelcome distraction.

When peeved about something, he may sulk by staying aloof and not coming to you, or he may decide to show you his displeasure in a full-blown tantrum that includes air-kicks, dancing around and snarling at you.

His bark (or neigh in this case) is louder than his bite. He loves to sniff and ‘feel’ new mediums with his tongue. When it seems like he is about to bite, he really is, so step away quickly and try and surprise him by doing a wave dance before him (wave your hands in the air and dance wildly).

Today he surprised us all with his childishness. We bought horse-riding equipment and began to saddle up Carlos for the first time. Khushi was the first one to ride him. No sooner had Khushi walked off with Carlos that Coco creeped up from behind trying to climb onto Carlos and interfere in every possible way he knew how to. He was persistent in his endeavours and it took many kicks and not-so-gentle smacks from Sunil before he showed some restraint and backed off. He repeated the same behaviour again during all our rides.

He was feeling left out! He was feeling ignored and he wasn’t going to take it quietly. Over the next 30 minutes, he tried every donkey trick to get attention. But finally when we gave it to him by putting Khushi on his back and asking him to let her ride him, he decided to rebel and tried everything to get her off him! There was a moment when he even walked away and sulked in one corner, refusing to make up even with his favourite Parle G biscuits! 🙂

Coco’s hugs are the most endearing. If you stand with your back to him, he will nudge his head into the gap between your elbow and body, so that you can cuddle him. Then he will stay like that, for as long as you are happy to continue the embrace.

Coco responds to his name. The sound of his name is sweeter to him than the greenest grass and when called, he will leave the yummy pastures to follow that sound. Coco. How curious. I never thought that I would fall in love with another ass called CK in one lifetime, but here I am, smitten once again!


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