10 forgotten truths about happiness

sunshine-forest-treetop.jpg10 forgotten truths about happiness:

  1. Happiness cannot be planned. It can only be experienced.
  2. White is the happiest colour. Bright colours also make us feel happy, but ultimately, the purest joy is all-encompassing, like ‘white’.
  3. Happy places are often very green or blue.
  4. Happy people speak with their eyes and smiles, not necessarily with words.
  5. The unconditional love of animals is joyful because it is simple.
  6. To use the word ‘expect’ followed by ‘happiness’ makes no sense.
  7. Happy is just as good as happier or happiest. Happy is good enough.
  8. All children and all animals are born happy.
  9. Happiness is always waiting at your doorstep. It does not ring the bell though.
  10. A sense of balance is the closest experience of happiness felt by adults.

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