The Lamp post and the Boy

Jan 13, 2010
I stand tall and proud tonight

I am like a star that shines only at night
I know who I am; I know my role
To light up the roads for one and all
My watchful eyes notice it all –
The cars, the taxis, the graffiti on the wall.
Some nights like tonight, I feel so helpless
as I watch that little boy sitting on the pavement – a dog yelps;
His mother offers him food from a gutter
He shakes his head – he can’t talk, he stutters
A lone tear runs down his cheek
His sister, as she sees him weep
swoops him up in a big hug at once
puts his head in her lap; he is at peace.
Such is the plight of these humans today
Can love and affection alone keep hunger at bay?
My soul sighs! It knows I must be a human in my next life
“It’s a great opportunity”- it tells me, “why such gloom?”
“Men and women”, I say, “they don’t know who they are,
They live like weeds, whereas like flowers they could bloom.
I fear that as a man, I will forget you – my soul
I will fill my head with dreams and ambitions and goals
I will expect rather than give, take more and more
Drain Mother Nature’s reserves that shan’t again grow.
But my dreams will grow still bigger and consume my mind,
my every wakeful thought taking me further away from the divine…
Till the day discontentment settles so deep in my psyche
That I can’t pull away, though try as I might
At that moment, I will turn inward, I hope
and change the noise around me to silence
And then I will hear the call of my soul
To accept, awaken, become whole
And should I respond? Will my mission be complete?
What would I have made of my life – a blank sheet?
Would it be art? Will it have song?
And melody that brings a smile to the heart?”
“It’s up to me”, you say, It’s my call.
I accept your challenge, I will stay true to you.
I wink at that boy, who looks at me, confused.
He then smiles and waves and closes his eyes
At my feet he rests his head and sighs.
I pray for his soul; I hope he finds it soon
And it doesn’t take him a lifetime as it did me
To see the wisdom of this world, from underneath a canopy.

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